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Finding a New Tenant

The right tenant is the corner stone of a successful investment property. This is where the rubber meets the road. The tenant can either make or break both your financial position and your spirit. Many property owners have already experienced the pain and frustration of a nightmare tenant which can potentially be 12 months of well.. hell.

So how do we go about finding a new tenant in this market?

Step 1


The key to successfully finding great tenants is to present your property to look its best. Not only will you position your property to attract the right tenant you will also give yourself the best chance of an outstanding rental. Most rental properties look and feel like, well, …rental properties. Yet worthy tenants are looking for a home.

Step 2


Marketing is how you let potential tenants know your property is available. The goal of marketing is to attract the right tenant that would love to rent your property. Ideally, we would like to see more than one tenant apply for the property, as this will give you choice. Once you have decided on the asking price it’s time to begin marketing. So where do you start?

Step 3


Is your rental property ready for business? Whether it’s an open-home inspection or by appointment, to be successful requires planning and preparation.  To conduct the perfect inspection, early planning is crucial.

Step 4

Tenant Applications

The tenant application is carefully designed to obtain all the information we need to make sure the tenant fits our requirements. But anyone can look good on paper, right? So, how do we know this is the one?

Step 5


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Proper documentation is not only required by legislation but it is good business sense. Setting up strong foundations with thorough documentation means you can relax more easily.

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Want to know what your property could rent for in today’s current market?

Sure we can do that, we can also advise you on how to tweak the overall presentation of your property to give you an even better chance at a great tenant and rental.

Obligation and cost free, we can set up a time to visit the property and within 48 hours send you a detailed report on the rental market in your area and where your property fits in.

At Property Quarters we know how to manage your property so you can rest easy and relax.

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