According to an ABC news article dated 14 April, 2015, “More than three quarters of a million Australians were the victims of identity theft in the past year, costing the average victim about $4,000…”.

As a landlord you must be sure who is getting the keys to your property. Using the “100 point checklist” together with a tenant reference check, will virtually eliminate the risk of identity fraud. The checklist is designed to accumulate 100 points from various sources. There must be at least one document from the primary documents list and one from the secondary documents list that has a photo.

Primary documents (only one can be used) 40 points

  • Australian passport (current, or expired within past two years, but not cancelled)
  • International passport (current, or expired within past two years, but not cancelled)
  • Other document of identity, e.g. diplomatic/refugee (photo or signature)

Secondary documents – First document 30 points, others 25 points

  • Current driver’s licence or permit (government issued)
  • Working with children/teachers registration card
  • Aviation security identification card
  • Maritime security identification card
  • Public employee photo ID card (government issued)
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs card
  • Centrelink pensioner concession card or health care card (government issued)
  • Current tertiary education institution photo ID
  • Birth certificate/birth extract
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Reference from a doctor (must have been known for a period of at least twelve months)

10 points

  • Foreign/international driver’s licence
  • Proof of age card (government issued)
  • Medicare card/private health care card
  • Council rates notice
  • Property lease/rental agreement
  • Property insurance papers
  • Tax declaration
  • Superannuation statement
  • Seniors card
  • Electoral roll registration
  • Motor vehicle registration or insurance documents
  • Professional or trade association card
  • Utility bills (phone, gas, electricity, water)
  • Credit/debit card (if using more than one, each must be from different sources)
  • Bank statement/passbook (if using more than one, each must be from different sources)

And don’t forget the tenancy reference check.

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