With 2020 fast approaching now is the time to be thinking of the goals you’d like to achieve for the management of your investment property, to ensure that your investment will continue to provide a sustainable, consistent and trouble free income for years to come.

An investment property requires advanced planning and follow through. Creating a list of New Year’s resolutions before the start of the new year can ensure that you have confidence, a systemised approach and the right mindset to grow your asset.

Here is a checklist for you to get started when preparing for a successful 2020.

1. Insurance

Landlord insurance is your investment property safety net. You should be asking yourself ‘Do I have the appropriate cover?’ and ‘Am I making the most out of what I pay for?’. There are also different types of cover depending on whether you have an agent or manage the property yourself. Take the time to review what you have. For more on Landlord Insurance see our previous blog ‘Landlord Insurance- Manage Your Risk’.

2. Smoke Alarms

As a landlord you are legally required to have met the obligations for the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms in your property. Many smoke alarm companies will offer unlimited servicing programs to provide peace of mind knowing your tenants and property are protected. Make sure all your bases are covered. New reforms to the tenancies act coming next year will mean you, as the landlord, will be fully responsible to make sure smoke alarms are operational.

3. Mortgage review

Keep your investment tailored to your budget and working in your best interests by regularly reviewing your home loan. If you haven’t reviewed your current interest rate in the last few years, you may be paying too much interest. It’s easy to let the finer details of your mortgage fall by the wayside but by keeping an eye on the market you may just come across a great deal. Sign up to a comparison website or ask a mortgage broker for advice.

4. Rent review

The new reforms to legislation will mean rent increases may only be implemented once in a twelve month period. Schedule your rent review date a few months in advance to coincide with a routine inspection. At Property Quarters we conduct regular rent reviews and keep an eye on market changes to ensure your property is keeping pace. See our blog ‘Rent Reviews- 5 points to Consider’.

5. Property Maintenance

One of the most nagging of New Year’s Resolutions, but just as equally important, is appraising your property for repairs and updating. Unexpected repairs can happen at any time, don’t be caught out unprepared. Create a plan and put aside funds. Most repairs and maintenance are tax deductible, check out our Section on Depreciation for a quick overview of investment depreciation.

6. It’s not who you know it’s what you know!

Knowledge is power so make it a priority to become as shrewd as possible in property investment. Your carefully planned nest egg is critical to your future. It can make a real difference between struggling to make ends meet and the joy of a secure retirement- so make your investment work to its absolute potential! You can do this by brushing up on your knowledge. Our website ‘www.propertyquarters.com.au’ is packed with free information to get your landlord mindset on the right track.

7. Review of your managing agent

“Choosing a Property Manager is possibly the most important part of owning an investment property. You are relying on a professional to guide you towards financial independence; make sure you are in the right hands.”–George Astudillo.

Your managing agent should be in regular contact with you, efficient with planning, have extensive market and industry knowledge and above all they need to look after your best interests at all times. If you have any doubts about how your property is being looked after it might be time to make a change.

About Us

George Astudillo is the founder of Property Quarters, an agency that values communication and great relationships with its landlords.

George now has more than 30 years in real estate, including 15 years as the owner of a national real estate franchise. He’s also an accredited auctioneer and is the author of “The Landlord Mindset”, a book with his best tips to help landlords look after their investments. His book has been quoted in the SMH, The Huffington Post and The Age.

As the founder of Property Quarters, George takes great care in looking after his landlord’s investments. Having seen it all and worked with may landlords and tenants, he’s a strong mediator and negotiator and knows how to navigate through property legislation.

George is trusted by his landlords to advise on the financial management of their investments. He’s put in place proven processes to ensure each property he looks after is managed effectively to retain its value, quality tenants and rental income.