With winter nearly upon us it’s time to make sure our rental properties are ready for the change in temperatures and wet weather.

The winter season will invariably bring along frost, potentially damaging storms and excess water. Having your property in tip top shape will mean less chance of expensive emergency repairs and an unhappy tenant.

Get your home “Winter Ready” by going through the following checklist.

1. Roofing
Check the roof, particularly around vents, skylights and chimneys for leaks. With roof leaks comes water damage which can start off as stains on the ceiling or walls that can quickly turn into bigger problems such as mould, rotting frames or destroyed insulation. A regular inspection will save lengthy repairs.

2. Clean Gutters
During rain periods, gutters guide water runoff to drain away from the house. This protects house siding, windows, doors and fascia from water damage. Clogged gutters can form dams where water backs up and can seep into the roof cavity. Using gloves, remove fallen leaves and debris from your gutters, then give them a good rinse with the hose. Spare your lawn by having a large garbage bag handy to collect the debris.

3. Air-conditioning Filter
Air-conditioning is still the safest and most energy efficient system for warming a home saving an enormous 72% less on your energy bill in comparison to portable heaters.  Make sure your air-conditioner filter is clean, the unit serviced regularly and working well to keep the household toasty all winter long.

4. Trim Trees
High winds in winter can cause tree branches to break and fall, potentially resulting in costly property damage. Late Autumn is a good time to make cut backs, as leaves fall and branches are revealed once again, making it easier to identify and remove. Make sure to trim back tree branches overhanging the roof, windows or driveway. If you have a large tree that requires council approval to cut back, make an application now.

5. Mould
The number one challenge in winter is mould. There is a number of reasons your home can accumulate mould. Check your that your ventilation is working efficiently, especially exhaust fans in the bathroom where windows will be shut during colder weather. Range hoods in the kitchen are designed to extract moisture from stove top cooking and kettles – a good working range hood will help during the chilly season when window ventilation is low. Be sure to in inspect your window and door seals to make sure they are in good working condition as this will contribute to condensation inside the home.

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